[Webinar] Project Planning for the Real World

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July, 2018

Two often-debated questions about project plans are: “How detailed should the tasks be?” and “”How many tasks should there be in a project plan?” While these questions are important and practical, you cannot start there. It’s better to first answer, “What is a good project plan?” and “What is a task that should be on the project network?”


Sanjeev Gupta, Founder and CEO of Realization, will answer these questions based on his company’s experience in more than 350 multi-project implementations and more than 2,000 large, standalone projects. He will use examples ranging from engineering and product development to construction and maintenance projects, and you will learn practical ways of creating in a wide range range of work environments and industries. 


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Title: Project Planning for the Real World


Presenter: Sanjeev Gupta, CEO of Realization