[Webinar] Project Portfolio Planning and Scheduling: How to Achieve a Step Jump in Performance Part 1

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July, 2018

Part 1: The Planning and Scheduling Problem

This webinar will reveal:
1. Do your projects have a planning & scheduling problem?
2. What the planning & scheduling problem is costing you
3. Why the planning & scheduling problem exists
4. PLANNING vs. SCHEDULING, the key differences
5. “Focus & Finish” as the umbrella tactic for planning & scheduling


Projects are the lifeblood of growth and development. Projects are how we build and maintain physical and virtual infrastructure; projects are how we bring products that save and improve our lives to market; and projects are increasingly how we execute new strategies. It’s therefore vital that we figure out how to execute projects faster and more efficiently.

Sanjeev will draw upon the 400+ multi-project implementations done by Realization Technologies, as well as more than 50+ infrastructure projects managed by the Realization team around the world, to show you how to execute projects 20% to 50% faster and increase project completion rates by 10% to 30%.

This 3-part masterclass is about hardcore planning and scheduling, not about soft skills or the gobbledygook of thinking processes.

Sanjeev Gupta is CEO of Realization Technologies. Realization’s customers have achieved more than $6B in bottom line benefits using the knowledge he will share in this Masterclass. Sanjeev has been honored with Lifetime Achievement Award by TOCICO for his contributions to enterprise planning and scheduling, especially projects.

P.S. The projects S&T tree authored by Dr. Goldratt is based on Realization’s implementation process, as proven and presented by its customers at its Project Flow conferences.


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Webinar Details

Title: Project Portfolio Planning and Scheduling:How to Achieve a Step Jump in Performance Part 1

Presenter: Sanjeev Gupta, CEO of Realization